About Rimmy

Rimmy Jhajj, a first generation Canadian, is a Registered Nurse and a proud lifelong Brampton resident. Rimmy has dedicated herself to a career of public service, and has experience advocating for her patients in both the acute hospital and community setting. Prior to this, Rimmy spent many years volunteering with the Brampton Youth Council, before progressing to work on the board of directors for the Peel Multicultural Society. Rimmy attended the University of Western Ontario to obtain her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and spent her summers working with the Federal Liberal Party of Canada, in both Ottawa and the constituency office in Brampton West over the course of three years.

Rimmy is a strong believer of the power of Brampton West, and is committed to being a strong voice at Queens Park for the needs of its residents. Rimmy has listened to the concerns of Brampton West residents and wishes to continue her advocation work for the community – this includes fighting for affordable housing and better healthcare in Brampton. Residents of Brampton West deserve a MPP who will continue to fight for their best interests and Rimmy is eager to step up to the challenge. Together, we can build a Brampton we are all proud to call home!

Brampton West is a diverse and flourishing community, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with it's residents and the OLP to create the best version of this riding! Rimmy Jhajj